First Spurs Portrait: Tim

Drawing by Michal Dye

[Editor's Note: As blogger, I'm not sure what the protocol is in a situation like this, but as a husband, I must take action and put this on the front page (and center the photograph) because it's so otstanding. -jrw ]

Almost two years ago I traveled down to San Antonio (we live in Austin) to prepare for my very first art show and jrw put this fanpost up to publicize the event (there's an extra little image in the comments that I did as a joke). The show went just fine and I got to meet BlaseE and Queness (who each bought one of my paintings-- thanks again, guys) and since then I've been continuing to study art.

Lately, most of my work has been commissioned portraits, and so after he asked me a couple of dozen times over the last few months, I set my up easel and drew my husband a portrait of Tim Duncan for PtR and all of you people, who I think I'm supposed to call rockers or pounders or something like that. :-)

I hope you all enjoy it, and take a couple minutes to have a look at my website. That is all for now, except to say that I'll be at the game tonight. Go Spurs!


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