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Shoe Campaigns

So, every now and then companies decide to sponsor stuff. Sometimes, good companies, like, say, New Balance, find an unheralded player that deserves some praise both for his on court work and his style off it. When it comes to Matt Bonner, New Balance is the only way to go. It fits him- low key, affordable, and they do what they are supposed to do even if they aren't necessarily the trendy choice.

For something a bit more trendy, a bit more hip, a bit more cool....sbnation, the network that brings you Pounding the Rock, is proud to be partnered with Nike in their Air Jordan '12 campaign. As part of their campaign, they are encouraging folks to go vote on some videos on this post. There will be some more posts coming. The three attributes the campaign is pushing is "fly through" (the previously linked to post), "fly around" (post to come) and "fly over" (post also to come). So, go vote on which videos you think is best- there's really no reason not to as they are some pretty cool highlights. Naturally, Spurs are only going to be on the negative end of the highlights, until Coach B signs a Nike deal. Personally I voted for the Greg Wallace dunk. I don't know if there's anyone in the league right now who can slam it quite like him in in-game situations. Much like the ad campaign says, he just flied right through whoever gets in his way.