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J.R. Wilco on The Johnny Ballgame Show

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Well, I appeared on eastern Oregon’s only live and local sports talk radio show today at 6:30pm CST (a.k.a. STTOTTM - Spurs Time The Only Time That Matters) 4:30pm Oregon time.


The Johnny Ballgame Show airs live Monday through Friday on 1450 AM and 1490 AM, if you happen to live in eastern Oregon with the ability to tune in to KLMB for the broadcast. For everybody else on the planet, there's the Johnny Ballgame Show's website, and in the right-hand corner of your screen click on the "watch" button.

Josh Guyer recorded my part of the show, and uploaded it to viemo here.

John was a pretty cool high-energy guy and I had fun talking about tonight's San Antonio Spurs @ Portland Trail Blazers game. I hope you £ers enjoy the recording.

And, in case you missed it earlier, check out Pounding the Rock's pre-game coverage: quincyscott's great preview on what to expect at tip-off tonight, and my own blog cross-talk with Dave of BlazersEdge, Fraternizing with the Enemy, where we discuss both team's recent games, the basketball gods, soggy crackers, Nicolas Batum in Portland's starting lineup, interchangeable parts in the Spurs rotation, the injury bug and the much despised Los Angeles Lakers.