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Podcast: The Return of A Fifth of Spurs

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It's been quite a while since I've done one of these. Mourning the loss of my co-caster, SiMA, and dealing with the compressed schedule has kept me off the mike since last season. But the endless pressure to re-boot AFoS by Matthew Tynan and SpursfanSteve, who agreed to be my cohorts this year, was just too much and so we're reimplementing your favorite bloggy pasttime: assembling an assortment of topics and holding forth on them while attempting to preserve the illusion of some kind of expertise -- otherwise known as pod-casting.

by transgojobot

Thanks to Josh Guyer for his work in the booth and creating the variety of delivery methods below. Topics covered: the season so far, are the Spurs conference favorites, how long will Duncan play, and near endless improvisations on related themes. Enjoy responsibly. It's 38 minutes long. And please vote in the poll.

This was recorded on Tuesday evening after the game against the Pistons.

Here are your options for podcast consumption:




And finally: here it is on the hosting site we'll be using if the iTunes option does well enough in the poll. In other words, it's not free and we won't be popping for this unless enough people are interested.

(Editor's Note: coming up later today will be Edg5's piece on flopping. It's a great read, so look for it in just a few hours.)