ESPN (Insider): Trades to improve Spurs' title odds


Just so there's no blatant plagiarizing, I broke it down a bit on what I think are the most salient points. Future projections: Chances of making the playoffs: 98.1 percent Chances of winning the Southwest: 76.3 Chances of making the NBA Finals: 17.0 Chances of winning the NBA title: 6.0 Weaknesses: Wing scoring (RJ) Defense from the 4 spot (Blair, Bonner) (In)consistency - "Consistency sounds like a good thing, but for a dark horse contender, it can actually be a detriment to pulling off playoff upsets... if you're a wannabe Cinderella, the numbers will tell you that your best strategy is to be a streaky team and just pray that you get hot at the right time. (For more of an explanation, click here.) The Spurs could use a hot-or-cold player who has the chance to catch fire and help deliver a key playoff win over the Oklahoma City Thunder or Miami Heat." Deals: "Fortunately for Spurs fans, they have a few tradable assets. Blair, Kawhi Leonard, Daniel Green, James Anderson, Gary Neal and Tiago Splitter are all skilled, young players who are expendable given the right deal. Here's a look at three deals that might help Tim Duncan win one for the thumb." 1) Bonner, Anderson and a first-round pick to Memphis for O.J. Mayo "Mayo would add firepower off the bench. His addition might not help the defense but could turn San Antonio into the league's best offense." 2) Green and Anderson to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Anthony Randolph "He blocks shots, rebounds and finishes at the rim. Even if Popovich has to get him to focus on defense, Randolph could cheaply become the power forward of the present and future for a Spurs team that needs a long and athletic player at the 4." 3) Bonner, Leonard and Anderson to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Anderson Varejao "If there's a perfect player to address the Spurs' immediate defensive deficiencies, it's Varejao. His mediocre offense is paired with the length, quickness and intelligence needed to check the elite power forwards out West."