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Friday Funnies - TJ v. Manu for the GQ Look

In honor of Manu's imminent return, here's a comic look at the contrasting fashion of TJ Ford and Manu as they sat together behind the bench. TJ started off rockin' the suit and tie, but as time has progressed he has come around the Manu's casual chic look. Here's my six-frame take on what was said the first night they sat together: Manu in black velveteen sport coat, jeans, and open-collared shirt, and TJ in a light brown suit with coordinating shirt and tie.

Be sure to read how this all worked out on the Road Trip at the end of the post.







So how did this all end? The last two games in Memphis and Philadelphia, Manu was wearing his black velveteen jacket, jeans, and open collared shirt - and TJ had traded his suit for - yes, you guessed it - a black velveteen jacket, jeans, and open collared shirt!