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Tim Duncan's primal scream

With so much going on between the League Office and the Spurs, from David Stern to Gregg Popovich, I've neglected to draw attention to something we rarely see; Tim Duncan letting out his inner Kevin Garnett.


Since Tim Duncan has been turning back the clock with his amazine early season performances, and since my topic today is about his emotions, it's only fair to begin with this commercial from earlier in the GOAT PUFF's career.

Tim Duncan American Express Commerical

Hey, everybody, it's the old blank stare from Timmeh. Isn't that funny? It's a joke about how he never shows emotion, even though those who follow the team knows that the big man certainly knows how to cut loose when it really matters, (see: Game 1 versus the Suns in 2008.)

But even if he's got a killer sense of humor that only regularly shows up in those often hilarious HEB commercials, I recently saw something from him that's I'd never see before. No, it wasn't the up-and-under variation he uncorked in the 1st quarter of the win over Memphis on Saturday. It was what came afterwards that was unprecedented.

Tim Duncan dunks on Marc Gasol

Have you ever seen classy Tim Duncan give a yell in (or even near) the face of an oppenent after posterizing them? I submit that this is the first appearance of the species timduncanus swaggerium dunkalicious ever captured on camera.