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Spurs Pummel Mavericks, 129-91

Kawhi is back and so are his arms.
Kawhi is back and so are his arms.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Dirk Nowitzki and Elton Brand played and it did not matter. The San Antonio Spurs destroyed the Dallas Mavericks and it was everything I thought it could be. I had the pleasure of sitting in the fourth row right behind the Maverick's bench. Rick Carlisle understood the circumstance well before it became his reality. Poor Rick held Dirk out of the starting lineup, and when he finally inserted him, he knew it was too late. The Spurs pummeled the Mavs and it was fantastic.

The Mavericks never stood a chance. Their only hope was to somehow catch the Spurs off-guard, and that was not going to happen. The Spurs hate Dallas way too much to let this game go unnoticed. I predicted that the Spurs would win the game by 18 points; Samsonite, I was way off.

Mark Cuban's team fell well short of the Spurs' level. It was undeniable. The Mavs will not make the playoffs, with or without Dirk Nowitzki; and moving forward, I don't know if the Mavs will be able to hang onto the gifted German. Cuban thought he could recruit the best, and he failed miserably. If I were Dirk, I'd first get a better haircut. Second, I would find a team that could potentially win it all. The Mavs have no chance. Nice work, Mark Cuban.

The Spurs cruised to victory over the meaningless Mavs with a 38 point cushion. This is just the beginning, my friends. The Spurs have limped their way to a 21-8 record. The Spurs have been injured this entire season. They are now healthy. If an injured Spurs team is worthy of a 21-8 record, what is a fully healthy Spurs squad capable of?

Please do not be surprised when the Spurs win every game in January. Look at their January schedule and find a team that makes you nervous. While in full heath, the Spurs are better than anyone in the league.

This game was a classic blowout and thus, it's difficult to pinpoint a star or two. Everyone wearing the Silver and Black played well. Once again, I very much appreciate the starting twin tower lineup. Tiago and Tim set the tone that resulted in a dominating win.

I apologize for the short recap. There was a miscommunication concerning tonight's game.

Check out the other guys. Night..