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"Happy" Old Coach Popovich

In this annual tradition, Pounding The Rock is proud to present yet another Christmas song to lift your spirits. This year's was inspired by Pop's interview with David Aldridge early this season.

Aaron Preine

"Happy" Old Coach Popovich
Speak your mind today;
TNT has no idea
What you're gonna say.

Christmas Eve is coming soon,
You wise, cranky man.
Whisper what great play you'll run;
Coach just the way you can.

When the clock is winding down,
Their defense falls asleep;
The silver and black, dear Popovich,
Leaves them in a heap.

The other team you will find
Rotating rather slow;
Your Spurs will take the open shots,
What a nasty show!

Timmeh wants another ring;
Manu wants a trey;
Tony wants to drive and dish;
DeJuan just wants to play.

As for me, dear Santa Pop,
I could take a guess;
But choose the inbounds play you know
That will work the best.


Happy Holidays! May you spend the time with loved ones!


Lyrics - CapHill and J.R. Wilco

Engineering - Josh Guyer

Vocals - J.R. Wilco

Music - Hilary Grist

Audio - Josh Guyer

Album Covers - Aaron Preine