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QuickCap: Spurs take Mavericks to pasture, 129-91


The I-35 rivalry continues tonight in San Antonio. It wouldn't be the same without drama, either. Dirk Nowitzki would make a surprise appearance, his first game back in decades.

Danny Green would come out shooting with fire, making 4-4 3Pt. The Spurs would come out with more tenacity as well, as they had 4 steals. Spurs up after 1, 33-26.

Second unit of the Spurs maintained the lead to the halfway point of the quarter. Midway through the second, the starters would come back and maintain the status quo. Parker zig zagging through the Mavericks "defense" drawing a timeout from the Mavericks. Dirk would hit a three and then a spin move jumper to draw a mirrored timeout from Pop a minute or so later. Spurs would finish on top 64-52.

Danny Green would come out and continue his offensive onslaught. He would have 22 points with 9:35 left in the 3rd. Spurs would continue to rip the lead wide open, as Tim Duncan and Tony Parker would add points to get closer to their averages. Spurs would finish the 3rd quarter with a Tiago Splitter DUNKING on the Mavs! Spurs up huge, 100-66.