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One Fan's Holiday Wish List

The holidays are upon us, and just like everyone else, I use them as an excuse to ask for stuff, including things I know I won't get. Here's my Spurs holiday wish list.

My wish for Timmeh is a 5th ring.
My wish for Timmeh is a 5th ring.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

1 - Some appreciation for Tim Duncan from non-Spurs fans. Timmy is having a great year. He has carried the team for long stretches. With the only legitimate contenders for best big man in the league struggling, out with injury or justcoming back from one, there is a very strong case to be made for Duncan as the league's premier big man. Yet most of the national media just ignores Timmy or mentions his stat lines in passing. So the thing I want the most this holiday season is for Duncan to be recognized as what he is: a living legend that continues to play at a ridiculously high level long after most people, myself included, thought he was inevitably declining.

2 - A clean bill of health for the team. You knew this one was coming because it's on all our wish lists. Manu was starting to get back to game shape and he gets a thigh contusion. Kawhi's seven to ten days have lasted longer than the Maccabees's oil. Jack broke his finger. Blair sprained his ankle. All I want is for the team to have all of its players healthy at the same time, so that we can get a glimpse of how good they might really be.

3 - An Anderson Varejao to go with our Tiago Splitter would be nice, I'm not going to lie. Then we'd be one Nene away from having the set, but I hear those are the worst, since they cost a lot and get broken easily, so those two would do. It's probably not in the cards but I'm throwing it out there. It can't hurt to ask.

4 - I'd settle for some good play from Diaw, Blair and Bonner. I actually think those guys are really good rotation players under the right circumstances, and I'm still highly hopeful they will deliver. I really want to start discussing which one is the most awesome, instead of which one sucks the least.

5 - More Tiago Splitter reverse layups. Because dunks are for chumps.

6 - A kick-ass dirt bike. That's not Spurs related but I always wanted one, so I include it in every wish list I make. Don't judge me.

7 - For the league to ban Serge Ibaka from shooting jumpers.

8 - For the Lakers season to continue to be such an entertaining train wreck. It shouldn't be this satisfying to see the mighty LakeShow struggle, but it is, and I'd like it to continue a little longer, please.

9 - More Parker corner threes. Oh, how I love me those Tony Parker threes. They make him dangerous without the ball for the first time in his career and make the Spurs even more versatile on offense. If he finishes the season shooting over 40% from the corner, I would be a very happy guy.

10 - And last but not least, for people to believe in Manu Claus again. I've seen a lot of comments this season about how Manu will never be Manu again. How he should be shelved until the playoffs. There have even been some mentions of "Manu" and "trade" in the same sentence. Here. In the place to go for all your Manu loving San Antonio Spurs News. And I get it. He hasn't looked as good as he did a couple of years ago. But this is Manu Claus we are talking about here. If there is a way to visit all the houses in the world in one night and to stay at the absolute top of the league in his position without elite athleticism, Manu Claus will find it. We just have to believe.

So that's my holiday wish list, Pounders. What's yours?