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Rantings of a Crazy Old Lush

Fresh from the Nuggets game observations by an always crazy, sometimes drunk Spurs fan. Beware the snark.

The view from my seats.
The view from my seats.

One of the perks from my company is a pair of tickets to a Nuggets game each season. This year I got floor seats, which I immediately traded for the Spurs game. Score! I was so excited that I showed up to work at 7 am this morning, in order to take off early for the game. And I am most definitely not a morning person.

Of course, I invited fellow Spurs fan and crazy, SiMA, to come along. Good news, neither one of us had to bail the other one out of jail. Bad news, our winning streak when in attendance has been broken and it's all JRW's fault. The following are my completely unbiased observations:

  • Dear, if I order a new Spurs T-shirt as a birthday gift for myself a week and a half before a game, I expect the T-shirt to arrive PRIOR to said game, especially when you promise 2 day shipping. I blame Stern.
  • If you are at a game and JRW calls, DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE! It apparently angers the Mojo.
  • Even if you are a frat boy who has never grown up, don't talk on the phone during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. It angers me. Just be glad I wasn't in the mood to verbally smack you around.
  • Speaking of the Star Spangled Banner, it is a very difficult song. If you don't quite have the range honey, please don't just sing louder.
  • College arenas are so much better than pro arenas. Please stop the piped-in music and overly loud PA announcers, for goodness sakes.
  • Denver fans cheer loudest for dunks, tacos, and Rocky, in that order. I'll let you judge them accordingly.
  • Ty Lawson's sneakers are an affront to my eyes.
  • Andre Miller is a better PG than Ty Lawson. George Karl does not realize this.
  • Kosta Koufos is a good post player. Nothing flashy about his game, but he's a solid rebounder and defender.
  • If you yell for Manu Ginobili, Corey Brewer gives you a look.
  • And speaking of looks, if Tim Duncan had lasers for eyes, he would have decimated half of the Pepsi Center. And half of the Spurs.
  • Tim Duncan and Stephen Jackson were visibly upset at the team's play during the 3rd quarter.
  • SiMA and I were visibly upset with the Spurs' defense and numerous turnovers throughout the game.
  • Matt Bonner tries hard, but his defense against this young, athletic team was not good.
  • Boris Diaw loves to pass. Tonight, however, he was allergic to boxing out, transition defense, and wide-open shots.
  • Pop should have given some minutes to DeJuan Blair.
  • While Kawhi is out, Danny Green needs to step up his game and HIT THE DAMN CORNER POCKET! Sheesh. It was not pretty.
  • However, if Patty Mills is wide open in the corner, PASS HIM THE FREAKING BALL!
  • Tiago Splitter has a beautiful game to go with the face. His footwork is exquisite.
  • I don't think Manu is capable of being Manu anymore. It makes me sad.
  • The fouling of JaVale McGee was hilarious. The crowd booed like crazy. I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Dear frat boy, if you're going to insult the GOATPUFF, please be a little more creative. Yelling "You suck, Duncan" continuously does not qualify.
  • The Denver crowd got really nervous when the Spurs closed the deficit. They don't have a lot of faith in their team.
  • Thank you, Timmeh, for such an amazine display! You almost single-handedly willed the team to victory. Just remember that I love you and that the Denver fans who booed you are f2king idiots who know nothing about this wonderful game.
  • Despite all of the above, I still enjoyed myself and my two beers.