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Trade scenarios for the Spurs with half the teams in the league

"Why are ya'll always throwing me in every trade scenario you dream up? Huh!?!?"
"Why are ya'll always throwing me in every trade scenario you dream up? Huh!?!?"
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In our weekly hashing about potential trade targets and scenarios, we consistently attempt to bring in an athletic, defensive-minded power forward to our team. We also wish to erase the national debt, end all wars, and create perfect harmony in Washington, D.C. Don't these all seem about the same likelihood of happening these days? Isn't just about every team in the league searching for that same Holy Grail? Why couldn't we have just traded all of our less-than-essential pieces for Josh Smith this off-season, right?

Our own dear editor, the great J.R. Wilco himself, has said he foresees a move during this season. So, he asked me to keep my bony finger as close to the pulse of the league as I can get it and to report on any remotely and/or reasonably potential trade targets.

We Spurs fans are delighted to see our boys 19-8 and already making history this season. It's a harbinger of good things to come, but what if we could hasten those things along by shoring up any weakness that may exist? What if we could make a reasonable move to acquire a big man that would bring an upgrade in strong defense and athleticism to our front court rotation? For this cause, I write on. See links below.

Target: New Orleans Hornets forward Ryan Anderson (one of the most well-rounded bigs in the league, is commanding a lot of suitors)

Target: Cleveland Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao (along with the rest of the world, we want him too)

Target: Bismack Biyombo (another high-potential big who could jump to a winning team)

Target: Gustavo Ayon (who??? check this guy out...your team may want him)

Target: Larry Sanders (this was written before his explosive run this season...I'm sure his trade value has gone up by now)

[Qualification: I am well aware that our front office shall likely never make any transaction such as I mention above, but if they do, I am entitled to months of gloating and preening over my lucky guess. Thank you for your understanding. .]