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QuickCap: Spurs fall to Nuggets, 106-112

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs coming off of a tough loss in OKC the night before into the "Mile High City". Same starters in Tony Parker, Gary Neal, Danny Green, Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter.

Both teams visibly fatigued to start out. Spurs with two steals in the first few minutes in the back court. Manu Ginobili returns (he had a thigh contusion). Spurs up after 1, 28-26.

Pop experimenting with lineups, has Gary Neal back in as point guard. It doesn't go over well. Patty Mills comes in after a timeout. Nuggets would go on a small run due to ineffective offense. Spurs down 48-55 at the half.

Nuggets come out trying to extend the lead in the 3rd quarter. Pop reverts to intentionally fouling Javale Mcgee. End of the third, Spurs trail the Nuggets 90-75. Nuggets with 25 fast break points. Duncan with 19, Manu with 14

Spurs wouldn't stop fighting, they would go on a 17-5 run to bring the game to 3 points. Spurs couldn't come up with offensive sets in the last few minutes. Spurs fall 106-112.