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QuickCap: Spurs out last Celtics, 103-88

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs starting: Tony Parker, Danny Green, Gary Neal, Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter

Spurs coming out stagnant again, hope it doesn't become a habit. Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett get into a mini-shoving match. Nothing comes out of it, just Garnett being a hot-head. Spurs go on a 9-2 run to get the lead back. Spurs end the 1st quarter up 26-21 -- Tiago Splitter and Tony Parker both have 8 points. Manu would leave the game with a thigh contusion, and would not return.

Spurs bench start the second quarter -- effective for the most part. Gary Neal puts up 8 points in his minutes. Patty Mills also makes some great defensive plays. Spurs look a little tired -- notably Gary Neal, who gave up chasing his defender in the middle of the set.

Out of the half, the Spurs making a few stops and it starts raining 3's for the Spurs. Parker extends the Spurs lead -- he has 13 points. Neal also picking up the slack of the Manu, Stephen, Kawhi--less squad -- he has 17 points. Going into the 4th Spurs up 77-69.

The 4th quarter would be all about Tony Parker. He would take over the game for the Spurs hitting 3's and shots off of screens.

Final - 12.15.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 21 28 20 19 88
San Antonio Spurs 26 26 25 26 103

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