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What Stephen Jackson really meant by that tweet

If Jax had really been interested in avoiding a fine earlier this week, there's a completely valid-sounding explanation he could have gone with to save face ...

"No, Serge. I'd rather not dance right now."
"No, Serge. I'd rather not dance right now."
Ronald Martinez

It seemed off-the-wall at the time. After all, the Spurs hadn't played the Oklahoma City in weeks. But after Serge Ibaka's Thunder squared off against Stephen Jackson's old teammate Ron Artest Metta World Peace, Capt Jack took exception to the way Ibaka got up in RonRon's face, and Stephen tweeted angry.

Then came the fine, the apology, and the blowback. But it didn't have to go that way.

As Wes Thorne revealed in the comments earlier this week, there was a Third Way that could have been explored, if only Jax had been ready to play the politician just a bit. To grasp the fullness of Wes' amazine use of equivocal language, a quick refresher on what just Jackson tweeted is in order:


Now, thus armed, it's time to reveal what Jackson should have told PATFO to avoid the fine when asked about his motivation behind his malapropism:

Jax should have been like, "Look Twitter has that stupid character limit so I got cut off. What I meant to say was , 'Somebody tell serg Abaka that he has horrible dental hygiene. He aint bout dis life of being on national television. Next time he run up on me im goin in his mouth and removing all that plague using proper dentistry techniques. '

And that's a promise.