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NBA Wired BluRay/DVD Contest

You could win a free copy of NBA Wired: A season inside the NBA. Details inside.

Hey Pounders, we have a treat for you. Around a month ago, a documentary of sorts called Wired: a Season Inside the NBA was released. You know those small excerpts during games when coaches talk to players on huddles or we get a glimpse at what someone is telling a ref? This is an hour of that and a lot more. It basically chronicles the 2010/11 season from the point of view of the protagonists, starting in training camp and ending with Dirk lifting the Larry O'Brien.

Yes, I know. We all want to forget that the Mavs actually won a championship. But they did, and this documentary actually covers some other cool moments from other years as well, including a surprising but amazing ending that every Spurs fan would love. It's more about the human aspects of the league than anything and almost every team is represented.

Also, if you are as big an NBA geek like me, you'll get a kick out of spotting coaches and players that are no longer with the team they appear as a part of here. From stars like Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams to no name role players that only the most NBA-obsessed of you will recognize (I see you there, Luke Harangody in Celtics green. Hi, there Jamario Moon.) This BluRay/DVD combo gives a look into how the league was a couple of seasons ago, when D'Antoni was freaking out in New York instead of LA, Woodson was with the Hawks and Lawrence Frank with the Nets.

Speaking of coaches, this is awesome to demystify this notion of the savant that always has the right words for his players. I mean, there's a shot of Phil Jackson yelling "we gotta get some stops" like a casual fan who had too many beers. You'll get your confirmation that, yes, Dwight Howard was super annoying even before the Dwightmare, and Nate Robinson acts just like your hyperactive cousin. You'll get to hear how some of these guys, both players and coaches, talk to each other and witness things that in hindsight are mind-blowing, like Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo spending Christmas together. Players complaining about the schedule. Good nature rookie hazings. Guys devastated by trades. It has all of those humanizing bits, plus a lot of funny stuff like Big Baby Davis "carbing up" by eating spaghetti and pancakes on game day.

As for the Spurs, George Hill is wearing Silver and Black, guys! As is Dice. There are some funny Pop moments and a hilarious situation where Timmeh repeatedly tells Amar'e "I got this" on the tip off of the All-Star game after he randomly (and almost successfully) asks to switch baskets. The other guys are looking at each other trying to figure out if he's really serious. No wonder he and Pop get along. They both have that kind of dry humor that freaks some people out.

It's basically a cool, fun view of the NBA that die-hards like us don't usually get to experience. And you could win it for free just by creating a fanpost of at least 300 words, but no more than 500 words, about anything Spurs or PtR related. What made you start being a Spurs fan? What's your most cherished Spurs memory? What's your favorite Pounding the Rock moment. What the funniest thing that's ever happened to you in real life because you were paying attention to a PtR post? Anything at all. Just have a blast with it. The editors will select the winner from the most recommended fanposts, and the winner will be announced in time for Christmas. If you are not lucky enough to win it, you can always buy it here. I watched it and I can tel you it's worth it, just to get a glimpse of the type of behind the scenes stuff we aren't always aware of.

So get to it, and you could be be the winner of WIRED: A Season Inside the NBA.