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QuickCap: Spurs delay Rockets launch, 134-126

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs come into Houston with DeJuan Blair in tow -- he'll be active (rolled ankle). The Rockets will be without James Harden, their leading scorer. Last game against the Rockets (last Friday), the Spurs steamrolled this team. Let's see how it goes.

Chandler Parsons leaves the game early for the Rockets with an apparent hand injury. The Spurs coming out missing their first 3 shots. Looking like they left their shots in Charlotte. Halfway through the 1st quarter, somehow the Spurs were tied 9-9. The shooting woes for both teams would continue through the end of the quarter. 23-27, Rockets.

The Spurs reserve lead the start of the 2nd with scrappy play. They're taking chances on the defensive end which is leading to fast breaks, but a lot of turnovers themselves as well. The starters return a few minutes before they usually would -- sans Blair. The offense notably starts with Tony Parker. He finishes the half with 14 points on 4-6 shooting. Spurs up 64-63.

The Rockets only in this game thanks to their starting C, Omer Asik. He's having a career night in shooting. He also drew Tim Duncan's 4th foul early on, meaning Tiago Splitter comes in early. Rockets finish the quarter with 12 free throws, the Spurs with none. Spurs down 91-93.

Pop not taking any risks and decides to start the 4th with the starters. Less than a minute in and two consecutive Rockets bucks draws a timeout. Out of the timeout, Pop polaced Nando de Colo in for TP. TP would return a few minutes later. The Spurs would struggle to stick with the Rockets who would shoot 16 three pointers. Down the stretch, Danny Green would apply great defense on Jeremy Lin to draw a shot clock violation. The game tied with 5.3 seconds left, Spurs to inbound and they couldn't convert.

In overtime, Spurs would get the first shot thanks to a Manu finger roll. They make a stop and another basket and draw a timeout from the Rockets. Danny Green would have another great defensive play stripping the ball and making it graze off of Carlos Delfino's leg.

FINAL 1 2 3 4 OT 1 Total
San Antonio Spurs 23 41 27 29 14 134
Houston Rockets 27 36 30 27 6 126

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