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QuickCap #5: Spurs dictate Kings, 97-86


The Spurs battling more than just the Kings tonight -- Stephen Jackson with a stomach virus. Tony Parker and Matt Bonner both effected by it as well.

Pop threw a curveball by starting DeJuan Blair (4 points, 3 rebounds), who ended up playing 20 minutes. Tony Parker didn't quite look himself out of the gate (he ended up with only 5 points).

Of note, Patty Mills with 18 points 3 assists in 21 minutes, took over the game for Parker. He got the special interview after the game with the TV crew as well!

The narrative was DeMarcus Cousins trash talking Tim Duncan in the 4th quarter. A few minutes later, Duncan blocks a Cousins shot, which leads to a steal by Duncan, which leads to a fast break for the Spurs. On a few sequences later, Tim gets his revenge and dunks on Cousins. Awesome. Spurs win.