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QuickCap #5: Clippers dunk Spurs, 106-84

Stephen Dunn

There would be no extension of the record-setting start to the season as the Los Angeles Clippers demolished the Spurs, outscoring them in three quarters and tying them in the other.

It was one of those classic games where everything was working for one team, and the lid was on the basket for the other. Blake Griffin was swishing jumpers with his heels on the three-point line. Eric Bledsoe was hitting threes from 5 feet beyond the arc. Seven Clippers scored in double digits, to only two for the Spurs. Los Angeles made over 55% of their field goals to 41% for San Antonio, who turned the ball over 20 times which LA cashed in for 23 points.

Finally, to add insult to injury, del Negro kept the starters in well past when Pop had signaled garbage time by inserting Nando de Colo (who made his first three as a Spur), and it might as well have been a layup line for all of the dunks the Clippers had throughout, but especially in the fourth.

The Spurs were led by Danny Green's 12 points, DeJuan Blair's 7 rebounds, Tony Parker's 6 assists, and Gary Neal's four turnovers. Blake Griffin led LA with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists, 1 block, and 57 dunks*.

Odd stat: no Spur was called for more than 2 fouls, but considering that no one played more than 24 minutes for San Antonio, perhaps it's not that odd after all.

* Dunk totals are estimates and may have no relation whatsoever to actual statistics.