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2nd quarter summary report: Spurs 44 Heat 47

  • Charles Barkley interviewed Coach Pop:

    CB: "Coach you gotta be very happy with the play with the guys off the bench"

    Pop: "I think we played well in transition and we made shots"

    CB: "Do you like the pace of the game?"

    Pop: "We have to play a good place"

    CB: "What about--"

    Pop: "Thats your 3rd question dont you only get 2?"

  • Midway through the second, and with six of the Spurs key guys out, the ball movement remains the same -- more or less.
  • Patty Mills is 2-6 FG with 4 points in 8 minutes -- he seems to be really pushing the offense and shooting whenever he's open.
  • A flurry of turnovers late in the quarter are like giving the Heat free points.
  • Spurs did not close that quarter well at all with turnovers and badly missed shots.