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1 OT summary report: Spurs 97 Raptors 97

  • Tim Duncan found under the rim for a dunk.
  • This overtime running how typical OT's run, very fast with a lot of missed shots by both teams.
  • Tony Parker stole the inbounds pass and gets a layup, less than a minute remaining.
  • Raptors hit a 3 to respond, bring it to 94-93 and Manu is intentionally fouled (he makes both).
  • Spurs allow a quick 2 from the Raptors, as they had set up to defend the 3 point line, 96-95. Gary Neal intentionally fouled, he makes 1 of 2 shots.
  • Spurs up 97-95 with 13.4 left, Raptors without any more timeouts.
  • DeRozan puts in his own miss and the game is tied with 0.9 left. Spurs couldn't get a shot off, and we're going to 2 OT.