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QuickCap: Spurs dominate Celtics, 112-100

Jared Wickerham

The Spurs march into the TD Garden and face the Celtics. Fans come in wondering if the Spurs can keep afloat with two key Forwards (Kawhi Leonard, Stephen Jackson) injured.

It started out a little rough with 3 consecutive turnovers to start the game, but this would all change as Tony Parker (finished with 26 points 6 ast 3 reb) heated up early. Spurs would be up at the half 56 - 48.

The Spurs needed another player other than Tim Duncan and Tony Parker -- who would it be? If you guessed Matt Bonner you're wrong! It was Tiago Splitter. He was visibly frustrated on the court with calls he didn't agree with. Something I'd never seen before out of him. He would go on to have the "play of the game" with a huge block on one end, and a transition dunk on the other. He would finish with a career high 23 points 4 rebounds.