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QuickCap #2: Spurs edge past Thunder, 86-84


Both teams started the game a little stiff and rusty, but as both sides logged minutes, things loosened up. Tim Duncan started the game dominating Serge Ibaka and Kevin Perkins on the offensive end. DeJuan Blair got the minutes he requested. And man was it scrappy! Spurs were up 45-40 at the half.

Coming out of the half, both sides were very stagnant again. Serge Ibaka was frustrated, as he elbowed Boris Diaw in the jaw after a shot went up. They called it a flagrant 1. Spurs went on to go on a 16-5 run through the quarter. Starting the 4th, Stephen Jackson played scrappy and it worked in the Spurs favor -- steals turning into points. The offense slowed down, as they went 0-7 FG in a 6 minute time frame in the 4th, which allowed the Thunder to catch back up -- 84-81, Thunder. And with less than a minute to go, Tony Parker drains a three pointer to tie the game. With 27 seconds left, Kawhi Leonard picked Kevin Durant's pocket (Leonard's 5th steal of the game), and did not allow the Thunder to get a shot up. The final play had a wide open Tony Parker for the game winner.

Game Stream: Link

Final - 11.1.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Oklahoma City Thunder 24 16 26 18 84
San Antonio Spurs 21 24 21 20 86

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