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4th quarter summary: Spurs 86 Thunder 84

  • Gary Neal, Stephen Jackson, Kawhi Leonard, Boris Diaw, DeJuan Blair start the 4th
  • Very scrappy play going on, but its working in favor of the Spurs. Jack on fire
  • The starters re-enter about 8:00 into the game.
  • Thunder go on a 11-3 run at one point
  • Spurs have a scoring dry spell, going 0-7 in 6 minutes.
  • Second night in a row, Tony Parker has made a clutch 3 point shot with under a minute to go.
  • Kawhi Leonard picked Durant's pocket on OKC's (seemingly) last play of the game. Spurs now have the ball, all tied up at 84 with 6 seconds

  • Pop drew up a beauty of a play to get Tony Parker wide open off of a couple of screens. Drains it. Spurs win