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Spurs vs. Hornets Highlights

2012-13 Season debut. Tim (24 and 11) and Tony (23 and 6) lead the way as Kawhi fills in with 19, 7 and FIVE steals.

It was your standard go-up-early-before-falling-behind-to-win-late type of game.

Main takeaways, if you haven't seen Tim Duncan's new trimmed down physique, then take a look. There were moments last night that he looked (and moved) about five years younger than he did last year. It's startling.


  • Anthony Davis is going to be very, very good.
  • Aminu can jump out of the gym. AND he plays defense too.
  • Tony Parker shoots a three? With the game on the line? Well, at least the shot-clock was winding down when he shot it.
  • It's not in these highlights, but there was a stretch in the 3rd quarter where Kawhi Leonard simply took over the game. He went on a personal 7 point run that pulled the Spurs back into it. What's more, he did it with defense, steals, fast break buckets and 3 pointers. I was stunned at how easy he made it look.

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