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Things that the San Antonio Spurs should stop doing

As a followup to the YCDB (You Can Do Better) Series, we present You Should Stop That. A perfect opportunity to chime in with your own pet peeves. What do you think think your favorite Spur should stop doing?

This is what I'm talking about, Boris. Cut that out!
This is what I'm talking about, Boris. Cut that out!

After the final installment of the You Can Do Better (YCDB) series, a suggestion arose in the comments: now that we know what the Spurs' players should try to do, why not focus on what we don't want our guys to keep doing. A You Should Stop That post, if you will. Here's the comment that started the whole thing, courtesy of TGO:

one thing that drives me nuts about Timmeh is this seemingly instinctual move of his where he attempts to drive left across the lane off the right block in an effort to score the ball despite his extraordinarily high turnover and BA rate on that play... Go to therapy, take a TM class, have Pop stand in your way on that move during practice with a crazy face - do whatever it takes, but please, please, put that thing in the ash heap of history. There now, I got that ONE thing off my chest. Thank you, Tim. I can now sleep at night.

He's right; I really hate that. And since it was so cathartic for him, I decided to give it a go and I encourage - nay, demand - you do the same in the comments. Let's start with Tony, since he was the first subject of the YCDB series and continue from there. Since TGO already set Duncan straight in his comment, we'll skip him.

Tony Parker

Hey Tony I love you and all but you know those 3-pointers you take with time still left on the shot-clock? The ones that, for no apparent reason, you seem to believe you can hit even with a hand in your face? Yeah, you should stop that. You will be able to get that shot anytime; you don't need to try it when there's still time to get a better shot. Maybe you should try spotting up from the corner if you suddenly just have to take 3-pointers. Oh, and if you could stop hanging out with Chris Brown, that would be pretty great, too.

Danny Green

Ah, Danny. No one is happier than me that you got your contract. Those 6 games in the West Finals were brutal, but I know you'll put that behind you. You know what you should also put behind you? That tear drop that never works and always seems to get you called for charging. I'm not suggesting you stay on the perimeter at all times; quite the opposite. But leave the tear drops to Tony, please. You are an athletic guy; either go around the defender or draw some fouls yourself. Ok?

Stephen Jackson

Hey Jack, I like your music, I really do. But could you stop hyping up your album so much? Yes, your Jack Of All Trades album you've been talking every single time any member of the media gets within earshot of you. Also, could you start playing worse? It makes me look bad when you hit 65% of your 3-pointers in the playoffs after I publicly stated that I thought the trade could backfire because you weren't a good shooter. On a serious note, you could stop turning the ball over so much. I know you came to the team late, but man, a 17.3 turnover percentage is way too much. Stop forcing passes, Jack. Please? For me?

Kawhi Leonard

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: could you stop smiling so much? You are freaking me out. Yes, I know you only smiled for like two of those promo photos and then got serious, almost bored, for the rest, but still, it's weird to see you grinning. It just is. Another thing you should stop doing? Deferring so much. Yes, Tim, Manu and Tony will always be above you on the pecking order but if you find yourself in a lineup with only one of them, take some shots. If you are really going to be the future of this franchise, you should start asserting yourself.

Gary Neal

Real talk, Gary: either get better on defense or you shouldn't be playing so much. But you already know that and I'm here to talk about what you shouldn't be doing. And that is picking up your dribble when facing any type of pressure. You are not that bad of a ball handler; just keep your dribble alive. I know that's a common mistake among shooting guards turned PGs since you were used to having someone else bail you out, but you've been playing lead guard on and off for a couple of seasons now; you should know better.

Manu Ginobili

What can I possibly say to you, Manu? You are awesome just the way you are. You are the reason I found PtR and the reason I'm writing these posts. All there is to ask you is not to get hurt, and you can't control that. But...could you stop it with those heat checks? Yes, I know you are Manu Ginobili and of course I don't complain when you hit them, but every time you're bringing the ball up the court after scoring a couple of buckets, I just know that you are going to take a quick 3 before the defense is set. The defense probably knows it too, by the way. So maybe try to take a better shot next time. If you want. Totally up to you.

Boris Diaw

I know everyone's expecting me to ask you to stop eating so much, but I'm not going there. I'm just not. You're obviously a man who enjoys the finer things in life, iIncluding a daily seven course meal. I get that. We're cool. So what I would like for you to stop is your overpassing. Look, you can shoot. Really you can. It's a nice little shot that you have, and it's nothing to be avoided. I'm sure you get a little thrill whenever you pull off a really nice assist (I know JRW sure likes them) and that's fine, but when you're wide open right under the basket, please take the shot even if there's a defender somewhat close to you. I guarantee you'll make it.

DeJuan Blair

Could you stop being so polarizing, DeJuan? You are a good rotation player; we shouldn't be arguing about you so much. Yes, I know it's mostly about Bonner and not you, but if you could just make your strengths and weaknesses more obviously apparent so we could just come to an agreement about how good you are, that would be great. Also, could you stop being overconfident with your dribble and stop trying to attack oppenents off the bounce? You are quick but you also turn it over a lot when you do that. Try scoring with your back to the basket or off the pick and roll instead. Heck, you are supposed to have a 16 footer now; use that! Just don't try your crossover on a power forward 10 feet away from the basket and into an incoming help defender.

Matt Bonner

Oh, hi there, Matty. I was just talking about you with DeJuan. I have to ask you a simple thing, and it's not for me; it's for my friend Fred Silva. Could you just stop being great in the regular season only to come up short in the playoffs again? I don't think he can take another year of slowly coming around to convincing himself that you can be a contributor, and raising the team's ceiling only to see you fail to deliver in the post-season. If you are not going to shine in the playoffs, I think it would be better for all concerned if you could just suck in the regular season too, you know?. And it you could stop being so likable, I'd appreciate that as well. It's hard to convince myself you are all that's wrong with this team when you get good numbers and seem like a good guy. Got it? Good.

Tiago Splitter

I have three requests for you, Sparkles: 1 - Could you stop looking completely lost every 4th possession? You've been a professional for going on, 12 years now; learning a playbook and adjusting to the NBA shouldn't be that hard for you. I'm only asking because I've been going around saying you are the best backup center in the league and could have a monster year. It would reflect badly on me if you kept messing up simple rotations. I'm sure you understand. 2 - Could you stop air-balling free throws? I used to look at videos like this one and laugh at other teams' stiffs and now I find you there. You don't belong there; I know it and you know it. Now, I'm sure that it was probably just your injured wrist, but sill. Get it together from the line, man. And 3 - could you stop being Brazilian? I know you were born there and you've lived there most of your life but it makes it hard for me to root for you, seeing as I'm an Argentine. Hey, you lived in Spain for a few years! Can I just tell myself you're from there?

So there you go Pounders. Those are my You Should Stop That requests. Now go to the comments and tell us yours.