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Preseason QuickCap: Spurs/Magic

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  • The Spurs running a lot of isolation offense with Tony Parker against the "shortened" roster minus Dwight Howard
  • First to sub in was Manu Ginobili, for Danny Green (1-1 FG so far)
  • Halfway through the quarter, Pop's second bench comes in consisting of: Patty Mills, Manu Ginobili, Stephen Jackson, Matt Bonner, Tiago Splitter
  • Interesting to note, despite the Spurs second string in, no sight of DeJuan Blair
  • Pop is up and barking at any official who will listen, and this can mean only one thing -- The season is almost near


  • Derrick Brown starts the 2nd quarter at PF.
  • 8:45 into the quarter and not a lot of action from Brown.
  • Tony Parker re-enters for the quarter
  • A lack of offensive presence comes at a bad time. A long space in time where the Spurs struggled to get the ball through the basket.
  • The Spurs were very sloppy with the basketball, barely present for defense. Spurs fall behind 41-50

  • DeJuan Blair starts, along with Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Stephen Jackson, and Boris Diaw
  • Spurs being eaten by Jameer Nelson -- they are daring him to drive to the rim, and he does, and is successful.
  • Danny Green and Gary Neal come in for Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili midway through the quarter.
  • Spurs continue to struggle defensively, giving the Magic a lot of easy opportunities in the paint.

  • Again, Parker starts the quarter, with Gary Neal, Danny Green, Josh Powell, Tiago Splitter
  • 2 minutes in, Patty Mills subs in.
  • About 3 minutes later, Tony Parker gets subbed back in -- ?? Spurs running Tony Parker, Patty Mills, Danny Green, Josh Powell, Tiago Splitter
  • Summary of this game is the lack of Spurs offense -- about 38% FG midway through the 4th. Pop pulls the plug, and replaces everyone. Spurs using Patty Mills, Gary Neal, Josh Powell, Derrick Brown, DeJuan Blair
  • In the end, the stat that tells the tale is Spurs 41% FG, Magic shooting 49% FG.
  • Spurs fall 100-104