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GameThread #14 - San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat - Part I

Regular Season Game
San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat

AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX
8:00 PM Central (SPURS) Time



Tony Parker
PG Mario Chalmers
Kawhi Leonard
SG Terrel Harris
Richard Jefferson SF LeBron James
Tim Duncan
PF Chris Bosh
DeJuan Blair
C Joel Anthony
James &'erson
Danny Green
Cory Joseph

Norris Cole
Shane Battier


Ken Mauer
Rodney Mott
Olandis Poole

Get better, Manu :(

By the way, Winglet had her procedure done on Monday, I got to pick her up today. She's still way out of it but she's gonna be just fine :)


Winglet curled up riding that pain medicine train to la-la-land


When she first got home