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Manu Sets Date for Return

Manu Ginobili answered questions (in Spanish) via Twitcam last night and discussed his injury, among other subjects. The video isn't available to post but there's an article on the Argentine Basketball Confederation site that compiled what was said. After the jump are the most important and Spurs-related parts, translated.
Hat Tip to JanieAnnie, who provided the link.

About the injury:

"It's been a week since the surgery. I had a cast for the first 6 days. Now I'm wearing this (a protective plastic covering that binds his pinky and ring finger together) which I take off three or four times a day to exercise; just moving my wrist and fingers, looking to strengthen the ligaments and tendons."

"Considering that an injury like this could force you to miss anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, right now I'm as well as I can be. In theory, I should be able to return between the 10th and the 15th of February. For the time being, I'll continue with the rehab and I'll start going on the road with the team."

Manu explained what the surgery consisted of: "I had an eight centimeter titanium plate and two screws inserted", and even joked about having to rely on his right hand to do everyday stuff: "I can't even sign! I went to a restaurant and payed with my credit card. I had to sign using my right hand. I hope the signature clears!"

Other topics:

He took time to address the London Olympics, since this was for his Spanish speaking fans and specially his Argentine fans. He said: "The Olympics seem like a long way down the road. It felt closer a month ago, when the NBA hadn't started and the memory of the FIBA Americas championship in Argentina was still fresh, but now, with the injury and the NBA underway, it feels like it's a long time away".

"Getting a medal in London would be a huge success. Not getting one wouldn't be a failure. There are two teams that are a step above everyone else: Spain and the USA. The rest of us will scramble to sneak into the semifinals" He then added: "I know it's going to be difficult, but my dream is to get a medal"

When asked what his plans were after he retires, he said: "I don't think I'll coach. I'd like to help improve Argentine basketball, be it on the Argentine Basketball Confederation (CABB) or the Basketball Clubs Association (AdC)" On a different article he said that when he retires he wants to move back to Argentina."That's what my wife and I have agreed to do".

On the Spurs and their chances of winning it all: "We know we are not the favorites, but you never know what can happen".

Those are the excerpts that I feel are the most important. The big news is that his timetable for return is early-to-mid February. Tim Griffin over at Spurs Nation is giving us even more reasons for optimism by saying Manu was actually participating in the shootaround this morning.