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GameThread #11 - San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets - Part I

Regular Season Game
San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets

AT&T Center - San Antonio, TX
7:30 PM Central (SPURS) Time



Tony Parker
PG Kyle Lowry
Kawhi Leonard
SG Kevin Martin
Richard Jefferson SF Chase Budinger
Tim Duncan
PF Luis Scola
DeJuan Blair
C Samuel Dalembert

Gary Neal
Malcolm Thomas
James &'erson

Goran Dragic
Terrence Williams


Eddie F. Rush
John Goble
Eli Roe


Get better Manu, and my girl pictured above, Winglet :(

Sidenote: Took Winglet (photo above) in to get her yearly. She's extra aggressive so they had to sedate her. Didn't know they were going to do that and I let her eat last night and this morning. Food + anesthesia = very sick cat. She had it done at 9:00 AM and it's now 5 PM and she's still extremely groggy and immobile.

She will be having a procedure done next week and they will have to hold her overnight. I'm not happy at all but, what can you do? Anything for a family member right? I need a win, Spurs :(