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George Hill's Farewell Interview

Self Explanatory. Guy seems to be doing what he can to hide that he's upset about it. Some brief opinions after the jump.

The words "This is a business." are ones that loom large over pretty much each and every player throughout sports in general, and not just the NBA. Unless you manage to be one of a very elite few, you'll get out of bed each day knowing in the back of your mind that, by the end of that day, you might be fitted for another team's jersey. Each day that passes without that phone call only means the the knowledge tucks itself further into the back of your mind.

George was a player whom I enjoyed both on and off the court. Like so many other players over the years, it wasn't necessarily that they managed to shoot the lights out each night, so much as it was simply the fact that I enjoyed knowing that genuinely good people filled out the roster spots on a team I've called my favorite for so long. This was true for George as much as it has been for Tim, Manu, and so many others over the years.

Seeing a fan favorite like George leave is a lot like the break-up in a relationship where you wish you could find something bad to say about the person, simply so watching them walk away would become "easier". In the end though, you have to accept that it just didn't work. George wasn't untouchable when he came to San Antonio, and wasn't able to do quite enough on the court to change that. The thing that sucks is that nobody here can find anything bad to say about what he was able to do off the court, and instead are left with the knowledge that it just didn't work out.

We'll miss you, buddy.