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QuickCap #80 - San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz



Link to Part I: Click here for Part I
Link to Part II: Click here for Part II

Roll Call:

Roll Call: Josh Guyer (completely deck), hurts2bgood, SpurredOn, spurscitizen, the old photog, p2cat, Hipuks, the little o, bellasa, oldtimeyspurfan, DrumsInTheDeep, Aaron Can, MikeyKosa, Ayatollah, bj1der, Spurlady, sleep research facility, mission20, silverandblack_davis, Iullaby, Queness, Dark Black, Chilai, Barragan, bones, Manu-20, i luv this site, TDzilla!, jollyrogerwilco, canallon, WaveOcean, day_late_friend, anirontag, Kondor, In the 666, werdnawee, Jordan Leithart, doubleteapot, FaM0us Skins, Dyl, Confidant, Argento
Total Users: 42
Total Posts: 1156
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
bellasa 106
WaveOcean 81
Hipuks 77
sleep research facility 70
silverandblack_davis 69
bj1der 68
hurts2bgood 65
oldtimeyspurfan 50
TDzilla! 47
MikeyKosa 40
i luv this site 40
day_late_friend 36
bones 34
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 32
the little o 31
In the 666 28
Ayatollah 28
DrumsInTheDeep 26
mission20 26
Queness 25
Manu-20 20
Chilai 19
Spurlady 17
Barragan 17
anirontag 15
spurscitizen 15
jollyrogerwilco 13
Kondor 11
Jordan Leithart 9
SpurredOn 6
Dark Black 5
FaM0us Skins 5
doubleteapot 5
werdnawee 4
Aaron Can 4
Dyl 3
p2cat 3
canallon 2
Confidant 1
Argento 1
the old photog 1
Iullaby 1

Box Score:

Game Bullets:

  • The game started with an RJ airball 3, a TP blown layup, a TD turnover, and another TP blown layup.
  • Spurs finish first quarter with a nice run to lead 25-22.
  • The Spurs bench plays sloppy, giving up alley-oops, turning the ball over consecutive possessions and more.
  • Realizing this, Pop puts Tim and Tony back in the game.
  • The Spurs finish the half on a 9-0 run, leading 57-46.
  • The 3rd quarter featured much of the usual. Splitter got good playing time. The starters didn't stay in long.
  • The 4th quarter consisted mostly of Splitter, Neal, Hill, Bonner and Manu.
  • Devin Harris, for the second time, landed in the crowd. This time, he landed on a little boy whose head flung back and hit a boy in the second row's head. Spurs athletic trainer visited, seemed fine.
  • Tiago plays all of the fourth quarter and had great contributions.

GameThread Magic:

"A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It’s what happens while you wait for moments that will never come." - Lester Freamon, The Wire

by silverandblack_davis on Apr 9, 2011 9:53 PM CDT