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QuickCap #79 - San Antonio Spurs vs Sacramento Kings


Link to Part I: Click here for Part I
Link to Part II: Click here for Part II

Roll Call:

Roll Call: DrumsInTheDeep, Josh Guyer (completely deck), p2cat, Hipuks, silverandblack_davis, spurscitizen, Ayatollah, oldtimeyspurfan, MikeyKosa, the old photog, day_late_friend, spursfan87, BrunoNba, LatinD, Tim C., Dark Black, mikrobass3, TexaninNYC, Manu-20, 0signal, TDzilla!, Sh!fty, Jordan Leithart, CarBahia, anirontag, hurts2bgood, i luv this site, mission20, NYHorn, Toki9, Ed (dfjmed), Aaron Can, quincyscott, bj1der, FaM0us Skins, spurlover, Spurlady, dmcnulla, Kondor, pablitoo, canallon, sparking!!!
Total Users: 42
Total Posts: 1086
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
spurscitizen 116
spursfan87 80
TDzilla! 77
Sh!fty 55
LatinD 54
bj1der 52
MikeyKosa 52
0signal 49
Hipuks 49
hurts2bgood 49
Dark Black 48
DrumsInTheDeep 46
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 46
silverandblack_davis 43
i luv this site 35
anirontag 31
NYHorn 27
Ayatollah 26
BrunoNba 24
mission20 15
dmcnulla 14
TexaninNYC 13
mikrobass3 12
Spurlady 10
Manu-20 8
Ed (dfjmed) 7
Tim C. 7
oldtimeyspurfan 7
quincyscott 6
Aaron Can 4
pablitoo 3
p2cat 3
Kondor 3
CarBahia 3
spurlover 2
sparking!!! 2
the old photog 2
canallon 2
Jordan Leithart 1
day_late_friend 1
Toki9 1
FaM0us Skins 1

Box Score:

Game Bullets:

  • Parker, RJ, and Tim start the game off effectively. They score 4, 4 and 5 pts respectively.
  • Game tied after 1 quarter at 23 pts each. Spurs are very sloppy and Sacramento score easy shots (including second chance)
  • The Spurs bench (including Danny Green) play significant minutes before Pop puts the starters back in.
  • Spurs end the 2nd quarter with incredible effort on both ends of the court, regain the lead from any deficit the Kings hand them.
  • Dice and the Spurs out run and out play the Kings to start the 3rd.
  • Bonner gets accidentally scratched in the eye by TP after rebounding a shot. Heads to the locker room. (Would return at the end of the 3rd quarter with a black eye)
  • Manu and Hill TAKE. OVER. Game. Over.

GameThread Magic: