Great stuff on Tim Duncan


Yes, this came from the Worldwide Misleader Follower Kobe-LeBron Network Yankees-Red Sox Channel Brett Favre Retirement Speculation Extravaganza Website called "" "Critics say he has no personality but, the thing is, he does. He just doesn't bother to show it to us. He graciously accepts the fame that comes with being a 13-time All-Star, he just doesn't flaunt it. As a result, we've become indifferent to a man who really should have been the face of the league: never in trouble, philanthropist and humanitarian off the court, the game's biggest winner on it. But because we've become a culture conditioned to reality TV and manufactured celebrity -- paying attention only to big personalities or vacuous people who are famous for making a spectacle of themselves -- we don't fully appreciate the beauty of someone who focuses his public persona on being an elite athlete, a person like Duncan."