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Playoffs Round 1 - Game 2 - Post Game QuickCap


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-On if they did anything different on Randolph


-On if he was surprised when Manu responded after not playing for a while.


Everyone knows what kind of competitor Manu is. Having his psyche on the floor is a plus for this team.

-On Manu's effect on the team.

I'd rather not tell you that.

-On if one of the last plays was meant for Hill to get the ball.

Really happy of our effort tonight. I thought we weren't playing playoff basketball the first game. This game we turned it around

-On the defensive tone the Spurs set this game.

Lionel Hollins:

Not really. The guys we wanted to foul would have made them at the free throw line anyway.

-On whether he wanted to foul sooner at the end of the game.

He brought more energy. He's their Tony Allen. He shot the ball, passed it, flopped. Brought a lot of energy to the game.

-On the "Manu effect".


No, just bad decisions.

-On whether the loss was playoff inexperience.

Well, we have a split. We have to go home and win both games. I told the guys in the locker room if they thought we were going to win because we will be in Memphis, they'd better put another thought in their head.

-On what to take from the previous two games.

Mike Conley:

They did a good job of taking Randolph's shots away. He was our first option. They did a good job fronting and double teaming Gasol. We should have been more patient in the fourth quarter.

-On "uncharacteristic mistakes"


Any time Randolph got the ball they double teamed. They clogged the paint up and made us a jump shooting team. We were taking too many quick shots. If we moved the ball more we would have been a little better.

-On what the Spurs did differently on Randolph.

Manu is a special player. He can do pretty much anything you can do on the court. He gets everybody involved. He's a very tough guy to guard. He's a very tough guy to scheme for.

-On Manu Ginobili.

Manu Ginobili:


[My elbow] didn't bother me much but the brace is uncomfortable. I'm not a player who likes to play with wristbands or pads.

-On his elbow, health.

I felt rusty on pick and rolls. I haven't played in 10 days. Hopefully by next game I'll be okay.

-On his comfort level with the brace.


I didn't think anyone was going to. It's really padded though so, it wouldn't have worked or hurt me any.

-On Memphis going after his elbow.