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QuickCap #81 - San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Lakers


Link to Part I: Click here for Part I
Link to Part II: Click here for Part II
Link to Part III: Click here for Part III
Link to Part IV: Click here for Part IV

Roll Call:

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M3D1T8R 186
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DocRostov 116
CapHill 113
doubleteapot 107
DrumsInTheDeep 104
TDzilla! 103
hurts2bgood 96
MikeyKosa 91
bj1der 89
theonlyromeo 86
Spurs Kiwi 81
LatinD 81
silverandblack_davis 80
bellasa 72
the little o 68
tp_09 66
Tim C. 66
Hipuks 64
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 62
SpurredOn 57
SinCitySpur 56
Kondor 49
In the 666 48
WaveOcean 46
i luv this site 41
Ed (dfjmed) 41
oldtimeyspurfan 39
anirontag 36
day_late_friend 33
mission20 31
greyberger 30
fanoftheunderdogs 28
KOE33 27
SanAntonioGiant 25
Kiorrik 24
Queness 23
quincyscott 23
bones 21
Aaron Can 20
alamobro 17
Ayatollah 16
TX2NC 16
TexaninNYC 15
Zorgon 11
cojones2thewall 8
Tiagoal 7
Sh!fty 7
RamblingSpur 6
audreypots 6
pablitoo 5
One4theThumb 5
highspeed 4
sleep research facility 4
richbruiser 2
canallon 2
Argentinian Mamba 2
Toki9 2
the old photog 2
CarBahia 1
DunkinDan89 1
r21x 1
Spurlady 1
p2cat 1
Dark Black 1

Box Score:

Game Bullets:

  • Spurs do not play Parker, Ginobili, or Duncan tonight.
  • Through the 1st quarter, the Spurs have given the Lakers a run for their money. Tiago is guarding Bynum well.
  • Bynum falls to the ground early in the 2nd quarter. Seems to have hyper extended his knee. Walked under his own power to the locker room.
  • "Bynum hyperextended knee. Scheduled to have MRI tomorrow, will not play tomorrow nor travel with the team."
  • Spurs somehow get it tied at the half, 45-45.
  • Eh, some stuff happened. A few baskets went in. Spurs trail 64-69 at the end of 3.
  • Spurs fail to finish out the final 3 minutes in the game against Lakers starters.

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