I'm very busy at work today, but I thought I'd take a moment and offer some perspective.  The Spurs had a roller coaster weekend with a big win over the Heat where everything went right and then a bad loss to the Lakers where it seemed everything went horribly wrong.  



Why am I so happy and then so sad?!


I was elated after Friday's win.  We had just crushed the Heat.  I mean, the Spurs hadn't looked better than that at all during this historic season.  It was awesome.  But was it all that?  The Heat were coming off of a late game in Florida the night before where they gave up a big lead.  They were tired and came out flat.  If the Spurs had been playing in a SEGABABA and lost by 30 would we think it was the end of the world?  Well, they did and we didn't.  Remember when this very same Spurs team got demolished in Orlando?  Yeah, it was on a SEGABABA and they beat us by 30.  So, I guess what I'm saying is that the Heat win wasn't all I originally thought it was.

That brings us to the demoralizing loss yesterday to the Lakers.  There are only a hand full of teams I hate losing to as much as the Lakers.  I was so pumped up for the game after the Friday night performance that I thought about it during Church.  I know, thinking about the Lakers at church is grounds for some serious consequences.  Needless to say, when I started watching and the Spurs were already down 20+ points, I wasn't happy.  How could they dominante the Spurs so much?!   Well, let's not forget that the Spurs dominated the Lakers earlier this year and then won a close game in LA not too long ago.  

Are the Lakers that much better than the Spurs?  No.  Nor are the Spurs that much better than the Heat.  It's a very very long season and games get out of hand both ways from time to time.  It's not time to panic, it's not time to crown anybody for anything.  It's time for the Spurs to learn from the loss and the mistakes and improve.

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