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QuickCap #73 - San Antonio Spurs @ Memphis Grizzlies

Link to Part I: Click here for Part I
Link to Part II: Click here for Part II

Roll Call:

Roll Call: Josh Guyer (completely deck), DrumsInTheDeep, MikeyKosa, the old photog, CapHill, SpurredOn, oldtimeyspurfan, 0signal, Ayatollah, spurs fan, kchav21, Spursfan2021, Manu-20, p2cat, TD21, spursfan87, mission20, jollyrogerwilco, venezuelanspur, LatinD, Toki9, FaM0us Skins, sleep research facility, Anatidae, doubleteapot, prozak, Sh!fty, cojones2thewall, Big50, One4theThumb, rank, ramirezm315, silverandblack_davis, BLACKANDSILVER, guille, cartoonspurs, DunkinDan89, KOE33, Lamar K. Johnson, r21x, richbruiser, alamobro, i luv this site, dmcnulla, bones
Total Users: 45
Total Posts: 1193
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
LatinD 124
sleep research facility 89
oldtimeyspurfan 83
CapHill 67
mission20 65
Josh Guyer (completely deck) 65
Ayatollah 60
doubleteapot 57
spursfan87 56
MikeyKosa 46
Spursfan2021 43
DrumsInTheDeep 42
Toki9 42
0signal 42
Manu-20 37
jollyrogerwilco 35
prozak 33
silverandblack_davis 29
FaM0us Skins 29
venezuelanspur 26
KOE33 16
r21x 10
SpurredOn 10
kchav21 9
Big50 8
cojones2thewall 8
Lamar K. Johnson 7
richbruiser 6
DunkinDan89 5
alamobro 4
rank 4
dmcnulla 3
bones 3
p2cat 3
ramirezm315 3
i luv this site 2
cartoonspurs 2
TD21 2
Anatidae 1
the old photog 1
spurs fan 1
Sh!fty 1
One4theThumb 1
guille 1



Game bullets:

  • Spurs start out strong at the start of the game.
  • Memphis makes a strong run at the end of the 1st quarter, lead 23-24
  • Manu goes down, bangs knees with Gasol. Simultaneously, Pop gets ejected for arguing.
  • Going into the half, the Grizzlies largest lead was 9.
  • Spurs come out weak in the 3rd. The score maintains the status quo.
  • At the start of the 4th, Spurs come out strong and without Tim, Manu, and Pop, lead with a little less than halfway into the 4th.
  • Spurs fail to execute down the stretch.

GameThread Magic:

  • Mojo?