So...remember a few months ago when Bill Simmons wrote his preseason predictions? Think he'd like to have those back?

In case you don't, here's the link

We just hit his original preseason prediction, and I'm guessing that in the next week or so we'll hit his revised prediction. Someone wrote in a fan post a week or two ago that we should all tweet him, good-naturedly, of course, and give him a little hell for underrating our boys so badly. If you haven't signed up for twitter, it's easy. If you're morally opposed to twitter...suck it up to give someone some hell on the Spurs behalf.

I'd like to do this more or less in unison, and have everyone use the same hash tag (the thing following #). Like I said, this was not my idea, but I liked it and I'm going to try to coordinate it to make sure that he really feels it. If you want to participate, you can follow me (SpursfanSteve), or just post here. I don't know if PtR will be "officially" participating (I doubt it) but you can follow PtR's twitter as well (poundingtherock).

Leave suggestions for tweets/hashtags in the comments.

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