Catch Y'all on the Flip Side

In case you couldn't tell from my vague and ambiguous username, I chose the US Military as my career (at least for now). This is my last night as a civilian for the next couple years, so I thought it only fair to let y'all know you won't be hearing from me for the next couple months while I'm in Air Force Basic Training.

More semi-depressing news after the jump lol

I don't come anywhere close to being a backbone for this site (in fact, I've had absences long enough to merit calling myself a PtR "regular" a stretch), but I can honestly say that in my 20 years of being a Spurs fan, I've never encountered a group with more passion for my favorite team, either in the virtual or real worlds. I've grown up a little since coming to the site, so hopefully my posts aren't as melodramatic as they were during my "spursfan4ever" days (although this fanpost probably undoes a lot of that progress lol). Been through ups and downs with the Spurs and in life. One of the downers is that I'm attending Basic Training in the first place. Long story short, had a USAF contract issue which precluded me from commissioning as an officer after my 4.5 years of school at Texas A&M, so I'm having to go the scenic route: Go through basic training, spend a year as a "grunt" (term used endearingly, btw), then apply for Officer Training School. Not going to pretend that I wasn't nonplussed when I got the news, but I've really tried to live my life like the Spurs play basketball--accept the circumstances, assess the situation, and then make the best out of it. So, I'm keeping my head up and counting my blessings--I succeeded in getting a bachelor's degree, am engaged to marry the girl of my dreams, and get to complete military training in the same city as the greatest basketball franchise in the world. Gonna be fun seeing the Alamo City come alive once again for another historic playoff run!

It's been great hanging with y'all, and I'll catch you on the flipside. Go Spurs Go!!!!!

PS: Y'all might get to hear from my better half, as soon as she sets up her SB Nation profile (her username's "HeartRunn3r," so give her a warm PtR welcome whenever she surfaces, por favor!

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