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SFS in Enemy Territory: Spurs @ Sixers

Over the past week, JRW helped me kidnap Jordan Sams of Philadelphia's Liberty Ballers SBN blog, and we've had him locked in an interrogation room at an undisclosed location ever since. I'm proud to say that after much torture, we were able to break him, but it wasn't until we gave up on the water boarding and moved on to speaking only in Blair tweets that he finally gave up some info.


Liberty Bell - Philadelphia Icon (no, it's not the cheese steak)



Here is what we know of the Philadelphia 76ers: you went from AI to AI2, but I've heard some rumors that if a decent enough offer came along, he'd be shipped out. Granted, most of those rumors came before jettisoning Dalembert and his bloated contract. So what should I know about the 76ers? Who should I look out for? How is Elton Brand holding up? Is this a lottery team, or is it maybe a piece or two away from the playoffs?


The Iguodala "rumors" have little to do with him as a player, but rather his fit with the team, both on the court and financially. A lot of fans would rather sell Andre when his stock is the highest, and build around Holiday/Turner. Keeping Iguodala around as your best player does nothing but ensure mediocrity for years to come. He's a great player, and extremely unappreciated, but like most players, you can't win with him and nothing else.
Good, but not great


Coach Collins has the young Sixers playing hard just about every night, and they're fueled on their athleticism and defense. Barring a major injury or trade they're a lock for the playoffs, and I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually passed the Knicks for the six seed. Unfortunately, mediocre is the word with the Sixers -- good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to win a playoff series against the big 4 in the East.

They're a playoff team one or two pieces away from being the Atlanta Hawks -- a perennial 45-50 game winner who'll never make it past the second round. Hence the fans urgency to sell high on Iguodala, and enter full re-build mode. Mediocrity is a slow painful death in this league.


On the court, how does he not fit with Holiday/Turner? What would you be looking for in a trade for him?

Right on about mediocrity. That is one of the Spurs biggest worries coming up in the post-Duncan era. Some have doubts about the team's chances to stay elite with a Parker/Ginobili/Jefferson core and a frontcourt of Blair/Splitter/Bonner.

Which 76er is most likely to give the Spurs a problem?


Holiday and Turner both play better with the ball in their hands, but at this point in their careers neither of them is a better playmaker than Iguodala. With Iguodala handling most of the ball-handling duties for the better of the team Holiday and Turner have both struggled more than you'd like the "future" to struggle.

Under no circumstances would I trade Iguodala (or Brand) for expiring contracts. Ideally the Sixers would receive at least one young frontcourt player worthy of pairing with Holiday/Turner as a potential three some to build around, along with some cap relief and a draft pick.

I see the Spurs being able to handle Elton Brand with their size, but the athleticism of Iguodala, Williams and Young could give them problems if they're able to get out and run.

Please. No more tweets. I'm begging you.