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NBA Player Movement Talk-o-rama

Well, the NBA is definitely back. There was a wee bit of player movement today, and a good chance we'll be talking about it some more.

Aside from TJ Ford, the Spurs still haven't landed anybody. The big trade news of the day sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, with the evil empire giving up most of their vaunted frontcourt depth to make it happen. There are rumors that they'll also get Emeka Okafor for their troubles, but nothing confirmed. [UPDATE: other team owners are pushing David Stern to kill the trade]


(more player movement details below the fold)

So far, these are the known details of who's going where, both in free agency and trades. Please let me know if I missed anything, so I can add it to the list.

Atlanta Hawks - Earl Watson

Boston Celtics - Keyon Dooling, Brandon Bass

Detroit Pistons - (re-signed) Tayshaun Prince

Miami Heat - Shane Battier

Milwaukee Bucks - Mike Dunleavy Jr

Orlando Magic - Glen Davis

Houston Rockets - Pau Gasol*

New Orleans Hornets - Goran Dragic, Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom, Luis Scola*

Los Angeles Lakers - Chris Paul*

Los Angeles Clippers - Caron Butler

Phoenix Suns - Shannon Brown

Utah Jazz - Jamaal Tinsley


* trade killed by league office, acting as Hornets owner.


Ok, that's all I got so far. Discuss!

Feel free to use this as a DTOUR thread as well, since we haven't had one in quite some time.