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Regular Season QuickCap #1 - San Antonio Spurs vs Memphis Grizzlies



Memphis Grizzlies 82

San Antonio Spurs 95

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Post Game interview notes of Coach Pop

When asked if he liked what the bigs for the Spurs did tonight

I thought Tiago (Splitter) was really good defensively; he was really solid. He stayed in good position, he blocked shots and he rebounded. He was real special tonight.

When asked what worked defensively on Zach Randolph tonight that hasn't before

Tiago did a good job. He deserves a lot of credit

When asked what turned the game for the Spurs in the third quarter

I think the defense fueled what we did. We played a very good defensive game. We were very active, we crowded things, we got back in transition, and we got our hands on a lot of ball.s We had a lot of deflections and steals. We did a good job of that and it fueld the break back the other way.

When asked about the execution of the Spurs tonight

I thought they executed much better than I expected. I thought they looked real sharp.

When asked about the play of Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi (Leonard) is a very athletic individual. He has good size, good strength and he possesses great length; it really helps him. He's active and he wants to be involved on the board and running the floor. He's not afraid to put up a shot. I thought he and James (Anderson) in that sense did a very good job.

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