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Rabble Roundup #7: Wherein hope for the lockout's end is lost


The players union needs to de-certify and sue the league already. A lockout is pretty much the definition of bad-faith negotiation. Let's get this show on the road.

Sorry, folks. I don't have any non-basketball related links to distract you today.


JRW and other SBN blog managers give us an excellent parody of Shakespeare pertaining to the lockout.

janieannie tells it like it is.


After latest NBA impasse, good luck finding someone who cares - NBA - Basketball
Ken Berger pulls no punches. Woj is now jealous.

Spurs Owner Peter Holt Draws Ire Of NBPA -

NBA labor talks break off - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Woj's take on THE END OF THE NBA. [Sorry, that's how he sounds sometimes]

NBPA's Billy Hunter points the finger at Blazers owner Paul Allen for NBA labor breakdown - Blazer's Edge
ummm... ok. Paul Allen is one of the richest men in the world, so he should probably can it.

NBA labor talks break down—and get ugly - NBA - Sporting News
"Wait, wasn’t the purpose of bringing federal mediator George Cohen into the NBA’s labor dispute to remove the lingering resentments that exist between the players and the owners?"

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