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Rabble Roundup #3 Version: Bring on the parodies!


Coming this winter on ESPN: HOCKEY!

Spurs related links:

Tim C.: Blair released by Russian Team

Ryan Richards highlights video:

(Via hoopsfix)

NBA/CBA related links:

Surprise: In NBA dispute, money not mattering most

Durant, Griffin to play in exhibition game

Anthony doesn't want return to Denver canceled

Thabo Sefolosha signs with Turkish club (not a sandwich)

Charles Barkley doesn't use Twitter because "Tweet is or losers"

NBA lockout spoils start of 2011 season (via NMAWorldEdition)

This and that:

Javier Bardem to play villain in next Bond film

Samuel L. Jackson joins Twitter


Sorry ma', we only had enough for us: 48-year-old Ma Jei, seen here scaling Zhonghau Castle in China, did not want to pay the ~$4 admission fee, so she decided to scale the wall like a goat.

Funniest Fight You Will Ever See (via BeyondRandomTV)