Boston Celtics Vs San Antonio Spurs (Unofficial Preview)

Looked at some stats, glanced at the standings - had some intuition


Celtics v Spurs after da' jump

Opponent Free Throw Shooting

Boston willing to give up 32.8 on average

Spurs lead league in only giving up 24.6


Advantage Spurs: + 8.2 Free Throws

            Difference of + 8.2 points


Paint Domination

Boston leads league in At Rim makes and %  -- 17pg and 69%

Spurs 14.7pg and 64.7%


Advantage Celtics: +2.3makespg and + 4.3%

            Difference of + 4.6 points


Defending Paint

Boston tied for 2nd in League with opp making 11.8pg At Rim and 58%


San Antonio top ten with 13pg At Rim and 60.1%


Advantage Celtics: - 1.2 and 2.1%

            Difference of – 2.4 points


Three Ball

Boston attempts and makes per game: 5.2/13.7 = 56.4%

San Antonio attempts and makes per game: 8.9/22.2 = 60.3%


Advantage Spurs: + 3.7/8.5 = +3.9%

            Difference of + 11.1 points


Three Ball Defense

Boston opponents attempts and makes pg = 5.5/15.7 and 52.2%

San Antonio opponents attempts and makes pg = 6.5/16.1 and 60.2


Advantage Celtics: - 1 / .4 and – 8%

            Difference of – 3 points



Other Stats


Boston ties with league best at 64.24% of shots made being assisted

San Antonio is 6th with 61.78% shots made being assisted


Advantage Celtics: + 2.46% assists


Taking Care of the Ball

Boston turns the ball over 14.4% per possession

San Antonio leads the league with 12.58% per possession


Advantage Spurs: - 1.82% turn over per possession




Spurs should pull this out if they are hitting their 3s – If not it will be a grueling match that comes down to defense and free throws

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