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The Spurs' Rodeo Road Trip Goes Rawhide

Rrt_rawhide_02_mediumAs the Spurs prepare to leave San Antonio for the annual Rodeo Road Trip, Manu and Tony look to the horizon, trying to determine when the first Tarp might appear to rustle wins from the "Drive for Five". Pop contemplates the local General Store, wondering if the proprietors stock his favorite Malbec and if he can stow it in the caboose, out of sight of the boys. Timmeh naps in the sleeping car, dreaming of when he might yet again pit his prodigious card sharp skills against Mark "Maverick" Cuban.

The young riders, George and DeJuan, relish the opportunity to blaze new trails in unfamiliar lands like Portland, Washington and New Jersey. Neal looks forward to testing his quick-draw skills in the badlands of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Ol' Dice is wary about returning to his old haunt of Detroit, where he almost made his fortune. James and Tiago merely wish to not be relegated to the back of the herd. And Ginger, the cook, can only hope to procure yet another sandwich recipe in the city of Philadelphia.

What adventures will our intrepid players encounter on their journey? Who will the Spurs encounter on the dusty, wind-swept trail? And will the road be easy and quick, or will the drive be an arduous trek across the wild environs of the East?

Stay tuned for these escapades and a campfire song!


Tony and Manu have Raptors and Bulls lined up in their sights, while Pop ponders how best to overthrow Kings.

They're rollin', rollin', rollin',

Pop's always extollin'

"Guard that pick and roll on the Road Trip."

Through staggered screen and head fake

No defensive mistake

Wishing ol' Man Bowen was by my side

With a lightning-quick rotation,

For a shot-clock violation,

Yet another offense denied.

Block ‘em out, man ‘em up, man ‘em up, block ‘em out,

Block ‘em out, man ‘em up, Road Trip.

Push ‘em out, hedge ‘em in, hedge ‘em in,

Push ‘em out, zone ‘em out, hedge ‘em in.

Rodeo Road Trip!

(Listen to the audio here)


The boys get ready to celebrate yet another successful day of wrangling those pesky wins.


Story by CapHill; Lyrics by jrw and CapHill; Vocals by jrw

Audio by Josh; Chops by transgojobo;

Special thanks go to indiancharlie, for his comment that inspired the project.

And if you missed the first musical parody PtR produced, you can view it here.