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Burning Chicken Contest


Burning Chicken Bus

You have to read the whole post now. Seriously, how can you not, with the opening image being a burning chicken bus?

Is it just me that sees a metal chicken on fire in this image? I need to go see my psychiatrist.

And with this comment, swgeek got my brain cells to thinking. We're all slightly crazy (in a good way) here at PtR. Plus, we've got a lot of really creative people. So let's combine all those traits into one insane contest.

We may not need a new logo here at PtR, but I'm curious as to how we can incorporate a burning chicken into a Spurs-related image. So for all those of you talented with the photoshopping, chop away! For those of you like me who have no talent with the photoshopping (or MSPaint), I'm dying to use "burning chicken" in the threads in a manner that doesn't refer to dinner, so give us a reason to Lexiconify the term. If nothing else, this'll definitely be fun!

Any variation on "burning chicken" will be acceptable, including "flaming chicken". And yes, there will be a prize for the best entry.