PTR? Couldn't we have a better name?

I've had a few different accounts on SBNation. I am a huuuuuuuge die hard Spurs fan since the mid 80's. I remember watching Jordan and Robinson going at it in the Hemisphere Arena like it was yesterday.

Now im not trying to bash SBNation or the people managing the Spurs page. I just think that we can come up with a better name then 'Pounding the Rock' that sounds cooler and better defines the Spurs or San Antonio. Even the logo is pretty lame.

I propose we have a contest on a new logo and name. Seriously, we have the best record in the NBA right now and I think we can come up with something better than 'Pounding the Rock' or an Old guy chiseling.

What do you think? Do we need a new name and logo?

For example (something I quickly came up with):


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